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5 California Medicare Options for Seniors

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Senior Medicare

Whether you are from San Francisco or Los Angeles, as you grow older you will become increasingly dependent on senior health care plans to cover health and other medical expenses. Medical insurance rates in California vary often, which is why the elderly need to have solid senior health care plans to insure worry free lives.

California Medicare offers 5 choices of health and medical coverage, each option containing different sets of features and benefits from the other:


Medicare Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) members are required to choose from hospitals and doctors affiliated with the HMO they are registered with. Seniors that select this type of Medicare are appointed a primary care doctor who manages their health and medical needs.


Medicare Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) is another Medicare option which is nearly identical to HMOs, with the exception that the insured co-pays a substantial amount of the medical expenses should they decide to use medical services outside the standard HMO network.


Medicare PFFS (Private Fee-for-Service) plans are offered by private businesses. This plan allows a patient to select any Medicare registered hospital or doctor as long as the terms of the patient’s payment plan is accepted.


Medicare SNPs (Special Needs Plans) are tailored for the elderly with special needs like those living in senior home care.


Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug, or MAPD is a plan that also allows for for prescription drug benefits.

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