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Caring for Aging Skin

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Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  It protects you from infection, amongst other things.  In turn, skin should be taken care of, so that it can continue to protect your body.  Aging skin loses elasticity, moisture and becomes much thinner.  Steps can be taken to keep your skin in it’s best health.

Protection from UV Rays

Seniors should take great care when enjoying the Los Angeles sun rays.  While the sun is our friend and helps with the production of Vitamin D, you should make sure to shield your body from its harmful effects.  Be sure to wear sunscreen, even in the winter. Use clothing like hats, sunglasses, loose fitting long sleeved shirts and pants to cover the skin when outdoors.  In the summer, lighter colors help to deflect the heat so you won’t get too hot.  You should also avoid the sun during peak hours and seek shade in the form of an umbrella or covered patio.

Cuts and Bruises

Pay close attention to cuts and bruises, as aging skin is thinner and takes longer to heal.  Make sure to keep the area clean and dry and use bandages when necessary.  If you have a cut that is having trouble healing, please consult with your physician, as this might be an indicator of other problems that need addressing.

Dry Skin

Aging skin has a tendency to lose oil and sweat glands.  You can counter this with daily moisturizing and using mild soaps.  Do not use hot water while showering, instead, opt for warm water so as not to further dry out the skin.

Taking good care of your skin is your first defense to taking good care of your body.  Follow these steps for healthier skin!

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