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Caring for Cats in an Assisted Living Setting

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Seniors and Cat Companionship

Despite the aloof reputation cats have earned, which is not without merit, cats can be an excellent pet for seniors in an assisted living situation.  Felines provide companionship an can also add many more benefits to a senior’s life.

Get Moving

Even though cats are very low maintenance, they still have basic needs that have to be met by their caregivers, like cleaning the litter box, feeding and giving water to the cat.  Seniors with physical limitations would be able to handle these tasks without too much trouble but it still gets them up and moving around.


Cats really are very loving creatures.  Even though they enjoy a quiet corner at times, felines do appreciate a good petting from their human companions.  They are not quite as rambunctious as a dog which might make them a better fit for a senior with limitations.


Kittens are fun but sometimes they might just require more than a senior with limitations can give.  One option is adoption; this benefits both senior and feline.  The senior can adopt an adult cat and not have to deal with the stress of the kitty phase.  The animal shelter can provide valuable information on the cat’s temperament and  The cat will have a second chance at a loving home.

Veterinary Care

As with any animal, cats need to be seen by their vets regularly.  If you have trouble taking your pet by yourself, ask a family member or your home care aide to assist you.  Regular visits will ensure that your pet is happy and healthy.

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