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Determining Options for Senior Care

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When your elderly family member requires more care than they can provide for themselves, decisions must be made to ensure that they will be attended to in a proper manner.  There are several options that can be considered, ranging from a home health care worker visiting for a few hours a day to moving your senior to an assisted living facility.

Depending on the level of care your beloved senior requires, you can determine what option is best for them.  If they need a little help with tasks like bathing or physical therapy, a few hours a day might be all the help they need.  This would give them the in home care they need while allowing your loved one the independence they are used to.  The cost of a home health care worker can be controlled, depending on the number of hours required.

Another option is to move the family member into your home.  If you have extra space, and the senior needs slightly more care, such as assistance in mobility and preparing meals as well as bathing and physical therapy, having them live with a family member can provide them with familiar faces as well as security.  The home health care worker would be able to provide the medical aid and the family would provide support that goes beyond what the nurse would provide.

If the senior care your family member needs requires more aid than you are able to provide, an assisted living facility would be the best option.  They would have around the clock assistance.  This is especially good for seniors dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Extra care is taken to make sure that wandering seniors do not pose a danger to themselves.  You should check with their health insurance policy to see if any costs would be reimbursable.  Another way to manage the costs of an assisted living facility is to sell or rent the home of the senior.

Whatever the best option for your senior, making sure they are comfortable and safe is the most important goal.  Be sure to explore all avenues to see what best suits your family.

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