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How Dogs Can Be of Benefit to Seniors

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Dogs can provide much needed companionship for elderly people.  They provide unconditional love and friendship.  Research says that dogs can help reduced stress, alleviate depression and even improve focus.  A canine friend can help to stave off loneliness but did you know that they can help in many more ways?


Dogs can also serve as a means of protection for seniors receiving at home health care.  They will alert their owner of intruders and people prowling in the area.  The dog’s barking often serves as a deterrent to most criminals.  A “dogless” house is a much easier target than one with a loud, barking dog.


Exercise is an excellent benefit of having a dog.  They need to be walked regularly, which will give their senior a chance to get some light cardio as well.  Some breeds do require more exercise than others, so it is best to choose carefully and take into consideration the level of physical commitment your canine would need.  Puppies typically require more activity than older dogs, so a family member or friend may be able to help out while the dog is extremely active.

Service Assistance

Service dogs can provide more than just warm feelings and protection, they can actually assist their elderly person with certain activities.  They can remind their owners to take medications, pick up out of reach objects, even search rooms for intruders and deter prowlers by turning on lights.


Dogs are amazing and helpful creatures.  If you are a senior residing at home, consider getting one!

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