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Senior Travel Tips

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Seniors Travel

While travel may become more difficult as seniors get older, preparation becomes more important to insure a smooth trip to your destination.

Pills and medication

Medicine bottles take up space. Snap a photo of your bottles and labels. Tally up the pills you need and cache them into a Ziploc bag.


Try wearing a pair of compression socks to maintain healthy blood circulation. Use a hotel amenity bottle to store skin moisturizer. These bottles are usually small enough to meet TSA requirements. People 50+ years of age tend to have dryer skin, and cabin air aggravates this problem.

Your Back

If you happen to hurt your back during your trip, buy a bag of Arborio rice. Microwave the bag of rice and use it as a heating pad. The rice will retain heat for hours. One way to prevent a back injury is to stretch. Perform hamstring, lower back stretches and pelvic tilts before calling it a night.

Food and Water

Fill a bucket with water, add iodine pills and dip your fruits and vegetables in the disinfecting water for about 30 minutes. Also make sure you stay plenty hydrated during your trip.

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