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Seniors and Social Activities

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It is very important to keep family bonds and social ties for seniors.  Socialization is a big part of maintaining mental health.  Without interactions with our peers, we can become depressed and suffer physically, as well.  Loneliness can be a major issue for senior citizens.

One way to battle loneliness is to visit your senior regularly.  Encouraging other family members to make visits to your senior’s assisted living facility is a great idea to keep them connected with the family.  Visitation with grandchildren is always a welcomed activity and handmade cards made especially for your senior will provide joy long after the visit has ended.  Consider bringing a few of your senior loved one’s favorite games and crafts. For example you could bring knitting supplies and create a knitting circle during your next visit.  Whatever activity you choose, your senior will be delighted to spend time with their family.

Seniors could also get involved in a Senior Social Club.  Many senior social clubs have varieties of activities, such as bingo, chess clubs, even karaoke.  Elders can enjoy different things with people of their age group or just strike up conversation.

If your elder receives at home health care and is still very mobile, they can form groups with their friends, such as book club, cooking nights or picnics in the park to name a few ideas.  The possibilities are endless, all working toward the goal of maintaining relationships with friends and family, regardless of the senior’s setting.

If you have an elderly person in your life who you believe is not maintaining social bonds, please consider some of these activities.  You could also become involved in the activities yourself.

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