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5 Reasons Why Seniors Should Start Swimming

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5 Reasons Why Seniors Should Start Swimming

Smile Senior Care has shared numerous articles about how beneficial exercise is to seniors. Today we’ll run down the 5 reason why you should start swimming today!

1. Swimming is easy on your joints.

Much of a senior’s aches and pains can be pin pointed to joints. Jogging is great for the heart, but you may pay a painful price afterwards in the form of joint pain. Swimming can be just as beneficial sans the joint discomfort. Since your entire body is supported by water, joint impact is virtually non existent.

2. Swimming increases muscle tone.

All of your muscles are in use when you swim. Water is roughly 800 denser than air, which means you’re getting a decent amount of resistance when you move around. This resistance will strengthen and tone muscles, and also burn body fat.

3. Swimming is good for the heart.

Swimming is a great aerobic exercise. Swimming laps can be more effective than jogging miles. Remember, aerobic workouts reduces fatty build-up in the arteries, lowers inflammation and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.

4. Swimming reduces the risk of osteoporosis

After the age of 50, individuals begin to lose bone density. Osteoporosis is lowest amongst seniors who exercise regularly. As mentioned above, swimming offers resistance which is great for maintaining and improving bone density.

5. Swimming is good for the mind.

Studies have shown that swimming along with other workouts can relieve stress and improve moods. Swimming is also great way to meet new friends to avoid feeling isolated and lonely.

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