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Float Your Way to Fitness with Water Aerobics

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Seniors getting active through water aerobics

Exercise is a very important component for optimum health at any age.  Seniors in assisted living settings may find it hard to exercise due to lessened mobility or sore joints.  A wonderful option for exercise for seniors in Los Angeles is water aerobics.

Why Water Aerobics?

Water is helpful in a number of ways when it comes to exercising and staying active.  The water gives us greater range of motion and buoyancy, which means that it will be easier on the joints.  This is great news for seniors dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Water also provides resistance, making the muscles work harder.  Athletes with knee injuries will often use water therapy to return to maximum health.  It is not necessary to swim while taking water aerobics.  However, learning to swim is a very valuable skill that could save your life or someone else’s one day.

Vitamins While Exercising

If you are swimming or doing water aerobics in an outdoor pool, there is an added benefit.  Vitamins!  Your body need sunlight to produce Vitamin D, which is very important to bone health, your immune system and may ward off certain cancers.  Vitamin D also aids in the production of serotonin and dopamine.  If you are exercising outside, please remember to properly protect your skin.  It is very important to use a waterproof sunblock for continuous protection while in the pool.  Be mindful of the window of protection your sunblock offers and please reapply as necessary.

Gear for Water Aerobics

It is important to protect yourself when you are in the water.  A life jacket can help if you do not know how to swim or become weak.  Pool noodles also offer support in the water.  Inflatable arm bands can help you float as well.  When you need to add more resistance to your workout you can use special water weights.  Instead of having actual weight, they are made from varying sizes of buoyant material.  When pushed down into the water, they give more resistance.  Never use regular weights in a pool, they may prevent you from moving in the water and can be very dangerous.

Nose plugs and pool goggles can make you more comfortable as you exercise.  Keep your hair dry and protect it from chlorine with a swim cap.  You can also purchase water shoes for steady steps in the pool.

Water aerobics is a great way to stay fit and healthy, not to mention, it’s a lot of fun!  Look in the greater Los Angeles area to sign up for classes today.

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