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How Seniors Can Avoid Falls

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How Seniors Can Avoid Falls

Among seniors there is an increase in injury deaths, nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions due to falling. The breaking of the hip causes the largest number of fall related deaths, and lead to major health issues down the line.

Speed, reflexes, and coordination dull with age. Medications are known to cause balance problems. Osteoporosis also contributes to this set of maladies.

Smile Senior Care has a list of steps you can take to prevent falling as much as possible.

  • Test your bones. If there are any abnormalities found, your doctor may be able to prescribe treatments and medications to strengthen your bones.
  • Exercise regularly. An exercise routine will make you stronger by strengthening muscles, joints and keeping your tendons and ligaments. Strength training can slow bone loss from Osteoporosis.
  • Rise slowly. Sometimes when we get up too quickly from a seated or lying down position, we get light-headed. Get up slowly to avoid it.
  • Stay cool. Avoid extremes in temperature, sudden spikes and drops in temperature can make you dizzy.
  • Stay hydrated. Dehydration will make also make you light-headed and dizzy. Always keep a bottled water near your person.
  • Non-slip shoes. Wear low-heeled rubber-soled shoes.
  • Keep floors clean. Keep your floors clear, especially high traffic areas.
  • Avoid risky tasks. Don’t stand on a chair to get something out of arm’s reach. Instead, buy a “reach stick”, which can be found at any Walmart.
  • Handrails. Always hold on to them.
  • Avoid carrying large packages. Large packages will obstruct your view setting the stage for a fall.
  • Grab bars. Mount grab bars in your shower, tub, and near your toilet.
  • Rubber mats. Place rubber non-skid mats in bathtubs and shower stalls.
  • Lighting. Make sure your home is well lit.
  • Phone holster. It’s a good idea to always keep your house phone/cell phone on your person. This will minimize your chances of falling because you won’t always have to get up to find the phone.
  • Bubbles can be dangerous. Make sure soap suds dissipate down the drain before moving around in the tub or shower.
  • Keep carpets and rugs tacked down. People, regardless of age, often trip on wrinkled rugs.
  • Canes. Even if you don’t need it, consider using one when it rains or snows.

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