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Recognizing Alzheimer’s in Seniors

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Recognizing Alzheimer's in Seniors

Alzheimer’s can be a scary thing to think about for seniors.  Am I at risk?  How can I find out if I may develop Alzheimer’s?  What steps can I do to keep my brain as healthy as possible?  This article will help to answer some of your questions.

How Do I Know?

There are several warning signs of Alzheimer’s, trouble remembering every day tasks, changes in mood, loss of or struggle with vocabulary. 1  If you or your home care aide notice any of these changes, please notify your doctor.  Your physician should already know your family history and if any relatives suffered from Alzheimer’s.

What Can I Do?

Research is being done to find the cause and cure for Alzheimer’s but currently, there is no cure.  New studies have shown that one great way to maintain an active brain is by maintaining an active body.  A recent study led by Dr. J. Carson Smith showed that exercise not only improved the seniors cardiovascular fitness by ten percent but also improved memory performance and enhanced neural efficiency in memory retrieval tasks. 2  Neighborhood walks with your home care aide and your pet, if you have one, can be great exercise for a senior.  You can also join your local Y or gym for aerobics geared toward seniors.  Before starting an new exercise program, please discuss with your physician to find out what is best for you.

Advanced Alzheimer’s: What are My Choices?

For elderly living with Alzheimer’s, some think the only option is a rest home.  It is true that an Alzheimer’s patient will require more care but that does not always mean a rest home.  With the help of family and a home care aide, seniors can manage their condition in the comfort of their own home.

Alzheimer’s may be a scary topic but the best way to protect yourself is with knowledge about the condition.  Talk to your family about your concerns and options and please contact Smile Senior Care for a free quote.

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