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Safety for Seniors Traveling to Colder Climates

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Seniors bundle up for chilly autumn weather.

The holidays are approaching and that means lots of traveling to meet with family and friends across the country.  Smile Senior Care would like to offer our Los Angeles senior residents some tips for traveling to different states that don’t have temperatures as mild as we do.  Read on for ideas to enjoy your family and the chillier temperatures.

Layers Are Important

The mornings in the eastern parts of the country may start off pretty chilly and progress to a milder or sometimes even warm temperature during the day.  You will want to dress in layers so that you can be comfortable no matter where you are.  A nice short sleeved shirt under a blouse would do nicely.  If you need added warmth, try a lightweight jacket.  As the day progresses, you can remove layers like your jacket and place them in your bag or car.

Nighttime Chills

East Coast nights can be very chilly.  It is best to wear pajamas made with a weighty fabric to maintain warmth.  Wear socks to bed, that helps to keep you feeling toasty.  If you do not like dressing in heavy fabrics for bedtime, as your hotel or family member for extra blankets to help keep the chills away.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask your family members to turn the heat up just a little if you are uncomfortable.  You will not be making unreasonable demands and your host or hostess would be pleased to make you as comfortable as possible.

Extreme Cold

The northeastern parts of the country are notorious for biting cold, which may be too much for some seniors.  If you must venture outside, be sure to wear your layers and a nice winter coat.  You can also buy hand warmers, little packets that work by chemical reaction to create warmth.  You can place these in your pockets to keep your hands warm.  However, minimize your time spent outdoors if the temperature is too extreme.

You will also want to pay attention to your footwear.  You should always wear socks and heavier shoes to prevent heat loss.  Buy shoes with good traction to prevent falls on ice.  You will also want to bring a pair of slippers for the house or hotel.

Smile Senior Care hopes that your holidays are happy, safe and warm.  Have fun enjoying the company of your loved ones this holiday season.

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