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Senior Care and Vision

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Regular visits to your eye doctor can catch eye disease early.

Vision is not necessarily something that has to degrade with age.  However, Smile Senior Care encourages our elderly to get vision screenings at least once a year, whether you wear visual aides or not.

Symptoms of Degrading Vision

If your home care aide alerts you of the following behavior, you will want to visit your Ophthalmologist immediately.  Missing objects that you are reaching for indicates that your depth perception is off.  Brushing against objects while moving around is also an indicator.  You may notice shuffling of feet or walking hesitantly.  You might also have trouble identifying faces or objects.  These all can be signs that you may need your vision checked.

But even if you see just as well as you did in your twenties, you still need a checkup yearly.  Not all eye diseases will affect your vision.  It’s best to catch them early to prevent any further progression.

Eye Issues

Macular Degeneration is a condition in which your central vision is destroyed, be it wet or dry macular degeneration.   1

A cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye.  This can occur in one or both.  It is basically protein clumping together on the lens of the eye that starts the clouding.  This can be age related, traumatic or congenital. 2

Regular Screenings

In order to catch these diseases early, be sure to visit your eye doctor regularly.  This will prevent further advancement of the disease and preserve your vision.

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