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Senior Care and Your Loved Ones

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Talk with your elderly loved one about senior care at home.

Seniors that have been on their own for decades might not take kindly to the idea that maybe they might need some help getting around.  Some are resentful of the fact that they need help performing everyday tasks and rebel against your wishes to help.  Feeling like you are relinquishing your independence because you may need senior care is never easy.  We at Smile Senior Care would like to make that transition a little easier.

If you are a family member and notice changes in your elderly family member, like declining health or an unkempt home or person, sit down and talk with them as a concerned loved one.  Let them know that they can still maintain their sense of freedom but with just a little help.  In home senior care could be a solution.

Senior Care and Cooking

An assisted living facility is not always necessary for a senior to get the help they need.  He can stay in the comfort of his own home and have a home care aide assist with tasks that may be too much for him to handle.  Sometimes cooking can be exhausting so a senior might choose a food that may be quicker but less nutritious.  A home care aide could help to prepare meals and have easy to grab nutritious snacks on hand, keeping the senior’s energy level up.  If one day he decides he wants to cook his famous 3 Alarm Chili, there is no reason why he can’t.  A home care aide is there to assist.

Home Care Aides Can Help Clean

She could also help with cleaning the home.  Dusting, pushing the vacuum, bending to scrub the tub, these activities can be taxing for an elderly person.  Many seniors that are not as active as they once were may not be able to clean as thoroughly as they once did and the house becomes a bit stuffy, especially if they own a pet.  Pet dander could cause allergies to flare.

Forgetting Doctor’s Appointments?

Sometimes seniors forget important appointments, like a doctor’s appointment.  A home care aide can assist your senior with remembering their appointments and even driving them there and back.  They can collect important papers and assist the senior with filling prescriptions if needed.  They can also be a daily reminder of when meds are to be taken.

All in all, a home care aide is there to help, not to take over the senior’s life.  They assist when you need them.  Please urge your senior to at least give senior care a try, just to see that their quality of life will improve.

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