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Senior Mobility and Home Care

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seniors and mobility in the home

Seniors that remain in the comfort of their own homes and use home care aides may find that their mobility is deteriorating.  Tasks that were once simple might pose a bit of a challenge.  It is still possible to move about your house when your home care aide isn’t there to help you.  Smile Senior Care provides a list of several pieces of equipment have improved the quality of life of seniors with mobility loss.

Mobile Chairs

Wheelchairs offer rest and mobility for seniors but they do require another person to push.  Electric wheelchairs will enable seniors to move freely without the need of a second person.  They are easily maneuverable, enabling you to get to smaller spaces in your home.  The cost of your electric wheelchair may be covered up to 80% by Medicare. 1


Walkers come in several different styles.  Some have wheels and some require lifting the walker and placing it ahead to walk.  Talk to your doctor about which walker style would suit your needs.

Trapeze Bar

Trapeze bars can make pulling yourself up and easing into a seated or resting position easier.  They can be mounted to the wall or ceiling.  It is best to have a professional install the trapeze to ensure safety.  Certain styles can be mounted onto hospital beds and other styles are floor models and require no mounting.

These are a few examples of the wide variety of equipment seniors can use to make life easier while they remain at home.  Talk with your physician to see if you are a candidate for these aides and if they are covered by your insurance.

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