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Seniors Are Staving Off Alzheimer’s With Mobile Gaming

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Seniors fight Alzheimer's with gaming

As we get older our mental abilities inevitably declines. Alzheimer’s becomes a serious concern for aging seniors. Unfortunately there are no cures or vaccines for memory loss. This does not mean that nothing can be done about mental deterioration. Smile Senior Care present growing evidence that suggests certain behaviors can stave off the onset of Alzheimer’s, including mobile gaming.

Recent Alzheimer’s Findings

In a study published in Archives of Neurology, researchers say they have found a link between brain stimulating activities and the levels of protein thought to cause cancer.

The Alzhemier’s Association said the study “contains some valuable new data regarding the possible relationship between modifiable lifestyle risk factors and the brain changes that are indicative of Alzheimer’s disease.”

“Your lifestyle over the course of your lifetime may be critical in the development of Alzheimer’s disease,”  University of California-Berkeley researcher and study author Dr. Susan Landau said.

Landau added game playing can be anything that stimulates the brain, whether it be a crossword puzzle, Sudoku or Angry Birds.


If you have a mobile device such as an iPad or Android phone, there are a plethora of games to choose from. On your iPad, navigate to the “App Store” and select the “Games” category. If you are new to mobile gaming, I recommend starting off with a game that doesn’t require heavy interaction with your mobile device. “Words With Friends” is an excellent game for flexing that brain muscle. You can even play with family and friend across the country and globe. Backgammon, Solitaire, Sudoku, checkers, chess classic Scrabble and many more games are available for your mobile device. Gaming variety keeps the brain active which only helps seniors stay sharp and alert.

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