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Top 5 Strength Building Exercises For Seniors

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Senior Workout

Aging doesn’t preclude seniors from working out. Smile Senior Care believes that if you are a senior in good health you should be doing all you can to maintain that good health. We’ve compiled a list of top strength building exercises to keep your muscles strong and active.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a martial art which focuses on balance and and coordination. The slow impact motion will help to strengthen your core and develop your stabilizer muscles. Tai Chi is also great and reducing stress and improving overall concentration and focus.


Swimming is a full body exercise that evenly workouts all muscle groups in your body. Swimming is a great low-impact option if you are suffering from back and joint pain. If you don’t know how to swim, you also have the option to perform water aerobics.


Your core is vital in stabilizing your entire body. Pilates focuses primarily on fortifying your abdomen and back, not to mention that the exercise also builds the muscles that support urinary continence.

Circuit Training

Doing the circuit in the gym and work wonders for strength and conditioning. The idea is to engage in a brisk set of exercises, for example you can start your circuit with the bicep routine “running the rack”, then continue on to leg press, lat pull downs, crunches, etc. Be sure not to exhaust yourself and take breaks if you’re running out of gas.

Power Lifting

Power lifting is not only for the young. If your in good health, there is not reason a sixty year old can be as strong as a youngster. Power lifting is the best way to not only preserve and build muscle, but its also instrumental in organ reserve and longevity. When starting a power lifting routine it’s always best to start with a trainer or a workout partner with extensive knowledge on power lifting routines.

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