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Keeping Family Bonds Strong with Your Seniors

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Keep family bonds strong with regular visits with your seniors.

Smile Senior Care recognizes the importance of maintaining family ties, especially when our elderly are involved.  Our lives are fast paced and often we forget to slow down and enjoy our friends and family.  Here are some tips to make sure we don’t forget our bonds.

Sunday Dinner at Grandma’s

Remember getting together at Grandma’s house for a big supper?  All the family gathered around enjoying good food and great company, reminiscing about childhood memories and passing photos of new grandchildren?  Take time out of your schedule to rekindle these rich family moments.  Talk with the family to find at least one day out of the month to have a family gathering with your senior loved one.  Everyone can prepare a dish or you can cook at Grandma’s house.  Bring out the family photos and talk about the good old days.

Wealth of History

Our seniors tend to have a lot of knowledge that may have been forgotten.  Engage your senior about family stories.  Pull out the old photos and discuss the people that may have been forgotten or unknown to the younger generation.  This would be a wonderful opportunity to bring out the video recorder so that you always have a record of these precious memories.

A Family Affair

If your senior has a garden, it might be a fun family activity to participate in a harvest together.  All of the grandchildren can help gather the bounty while the parents and your senior’s home care aide prepare the food for eating.  What a great way to show off the fruits of Grandma’s labor!  If there is a flower garden, fresh cut flowers would be a lovely centerpiece for the family gathering.

Maintaining bonds with your senior not only keeps them in high spirits but it is a great opportunity to keep in touch with the entire family.  These are some of the fondest memories that will never be forgotten.

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