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Seniors and Marathons!

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Seniors can train for marathons.

Smile Senior Care applauds our active seniors getting out and exercising.  If you are looking for a new activity to participate in, why not try a marathon?  You can even invite your home care aide to train with you.

Senior Marathons

Check Google for marathons in Los Angeles to see if there are any geared toward seniors.  If not, you can still participate in any marathon, as long as you meet the requirements.  Some marathons may even be for charity, so you can pay it forward, keep fit and have fun all at the same time.

Training for a Marathon

If you have never trained for a marathon, the first step is checking with your doctor to make sure you are physically able to participate.  Any warnings given should be carefully heeded to avoid injury or illness.

Once you are cleared to train, you must remember, go at your own pace.  Don’t measure yourself against everyone else.  Set a reasonable goal for yourself so you will have a personal achievement to attain.  You can find plenty of training schedules on the web to assist you and you can also modify them to suit your needs.

As with any exercise program, be sure to stay hydrated and well nourished.  A snack before and after your workout can help keep you stabilized.  Always keep a cool water bottle handy.

Marathon Day

Be sure to be properly dressed with the correct footwear.  Invite friends and family to cheer you along or enlist them to participate.  As the time nears to run, remember, there are a lot of people participating with you but keep your goals in mind.  If you require a break, take a rest and start again. In the end, you’ll have yet another accomplishment to remember and a great story to tell for the next family gathering.

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