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Seniors, Prepare For Takeoff!

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Seniors, Prepare For Takeoff

While it’s intent is supposed to be fun, traveling can be stressful and draining. A long journey can sap your strength and leave you feeling fatigues by the time you reach your destination. That’s why it’s imperative for seniors to begin their trips on a high note by making sure to prepare nutritious meals before taking off.

Lean Protein
Pack lean high lean protein meals containing boneless, skinless chicken, turkey breasts, hard boiled eggs and tuna. Also consider protein shakes from GNC. For more convenience, beef and turkey jerky is an option. Airline kibble has virtually no nutritional value, and can leave you feeling worse afterwards. “Fat will make you tired and groggy,” Platkin explains, while protein will give you energy and keep you feeling full.”, says Charles Platkin, Ph.D., editor of

Smile Senior Care has emphasized in the past about the importance of drinking water. Travelers should stay hydrated before, during and after flight to ease the effects of Jetlag. Pack an empty water bottle and fill it after you’ve passed the TSA.

Platkin points out that “skin tone improves with adequate hydration,” and that drinking plenty of water will help you look fresh when you land. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Both can be dehydrating and can interfere with your sleep cycle, says Platkin. Alcohol also adds calories and “will make you feel sluggish.”

Fruits & Vegetables
In addition to be full of water, fruits and vegetables contain healthy carbohydrates. If you forget to load up before leaving the house, the airport concessions will carry small packs of fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, apples and oranges 1.

“I’ve seen packs of carrots with dip [and] bowls of apples and oranges. Cibo Express Gourmet Market stores, now in several airports across the country (Minneapolis, Chicago and Orlando included), offer great-for-you prepared foods like kale and vegan taco salads, and some even have extensive salad bars.”, says Dawn Jackson Blatner, a registered dietitian in Chicago and the author of The Flexitarian Diet. If you can’t find anything fresh, Platkin prefers freeze-dried fruits over dried, because dried have a high concentration of sugar and not a lot of fiber, “so they’re not the best bang for your buck.”

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