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Crafty Seniors: 3 Easy Craft Decorations for Fall

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Add some decorations to your home this fall.

One of our favorite seasons at Smile Senior Care is fall.  It’s really easy to create decorations on your own to celebrate the season.  We have 3 suggestions for you and your home care aide to try.

Harvest Centerpiece

For this craft, all you need is a clear decanter or vase, various dried beans and corn and a bundle of wheat.  You can usually find the bundles of wheat at the grocery store or a crafting store.  In the decanter, you will want to layer your dried goods.  Make sure that you have contrasting colors to make it look interesting.  Some good options are kidney beans, corn, green peas, white beans or even pinto beans.  Do not fill to the top, as you need space to insert your wheat stalks.  When inserting the wheat stalks, you can trim the stem if they are too long.  It can be difficult to insert them fully into the beans but this is not necessary, just as long as it appears that they are fully inserted.  Place on your table and there you have it, a wonderfully rustic centerpiece!

Fall Candles

You can achieve this look with some inexpensive clear candle votives or even mason jars.  You may want to enlist the help of your grandchildren to find you some beautiful and colorful leaves that have fallen.  A piece of raffia or twine and some glue and you are ready to start.  Apply a small dollup of glue to a leaf and affix it to the outside of the votive or mason jar.  Then, take a segment of twine or raffia and tie it around the votive and leaf.  If you like, you can add some leftover dried beans from your previous project to nestle the candle in.  Use electric candles to guard against house fires.

Leaf Wreath

Your grandchildren can collect extra leaves for this next project.  You can purchase a starter wreath from the craft store and lightly coat a section in glue.  Then wrap your raffia or twine around the wreath, applying more glue as you work your way around.  Tie off the ends and allow them to dry.  Then, with your glue, affix your leaves to the wreath.  Leave some of the raffia or twine showing for a nice textural contrast.  Hang on your door for a warm welcome for your guests.

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