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Crafty Seniors: Hand Painted Turkey

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Create this handprint turkey memory with your grandchild this Thanksgiving.

Smile Senior Care knows that their seniors love spending time with their grandchildren.  That precious time can be made fun and create memories that last forever.  Here is a craft you all can do together, even get your home care aide to join in on the fun!

Hand Print Turkey

The hand print turkey is a very easy project but it can get messy.  It’s best to make this project while in the kitchen with plenty of towels for clean up.

You will need finger paints, colored construction paper, a few paint brushes and some little hands and feet.

First step is to create the turkey’s head and neck.  Paint the bottom of your grandchild’s foot with brown paint.  You will surely get lots of giggles from this step.  Lay a piece of construction paper on the ground and have the child stamp the paper once.  If he or she wants to make multiple turkeys, you can repaint the foot and stamp again.  Let the paint set for a few minutes while you clean off the little toes.

Next, paint the hands different colors.  This will serve as the turkeys feathers.  Your grandchild can get as creative as they like with the colors and placement of the feathers.  They can even paint a color over a previously stamped color for a mottled and interesting look.  Wash hands and prepare for the next step.

This next step is a personal preference.  If your grandchild would like, they can use the paintbrushes to add details to the turkey, like eyes, a beak, maybe even a little pilgrim hat.  If you choose, you can also use the construction paper to cut out and glue these elements to the paper.  It depends on which look you prefer.

And there you have it!  A wonderful Thanksgiving decoration that will remind you for years to come when your grandchild’s hands and feet were so tiny.  Have them sign and date it with their age and keep it as a treasure.

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