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Crafty Seniors: Make A Thankful Tree

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Make a thankful tree with your grandchildren for Thanksgiving.

Smile Senior Care would like to remind our readers that this is the season for being thankful.  Our seniors can help to teach some of these values to their grandchildren by helping them to make a project.  This Thankful Tree is easy and fun to do.  It can also teach valuable lessons.  You can have your home care aide help to gather the supplies, if need be.

Brown Bag Thankful Tree:

Supplies Needed:

Brown paper lunch bag
Construction paper
Pen or markers
Craft glue or tape

1. First, you want to make the cuts in your bag that you will then use to create the branches. To do this, lay the bag flat and make 3-4 inch cuts down the bag, starting at the opening and moving your way down. It helps to make the length of your cuts various from each other so your branches will look natural.
2. Now open your bag and put your hand into the bag to make sure it is as opened as much as possible. Then, take one hand and grasp the center of the bag while your other hand twists the base. As you twist, you will notice a base and trunk are starting to take shape. Manipulate the bag until the tree trunk has the shape you desire.
3. Next you need to create the branches. Do this by pinching the strips of paper you created when you cut the bag and twisting them. Twist the strips until they take the shape of a twig or branch.
4. Continue to twist and shape your tree until it develops the look you wish. No two trees will end up looking alike!
5. Taking your construction paper and scissors, cut out an assortment of leaves. Don’t worry about these looking perfect. Just freehand a design on the paper and cut them out. You only want these to be about quarter size so they fit on the tree nicely.
6. Starting November 1st, have your child write something they are thankful for on a leaf. This can be one simple word such as “friends” or “Mom.” Remember, your leaves will be small.
7. As each leaf is filled out, attach it to the tree using a small dab of glue or tape.

This is a wonderful activity to do daily with your child or children in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. As the holiday approaches, your tree will continue to fill up and fill in. By Thanksgiving day, you will have a beautiful Thankful Tree that you can place as a decoration on the Thanksgiving table and enjoy. It will even make a wonderful conversation piece as you call reflect on the things you are thankful for.

Go ahead and give this Thankful Tree a try and see all that you have to be thankful for.

From: Premeditated Leftovers

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