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Tech Savvy Seniors: Calorie Counting Apps

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Here are a few apps for seniors to track their calories.

Are you watching your calories or monitoring your nutrients?  Studies show that weight loss is nearly doubled by the use of a food diary.  Did you know that you can have a food diary on your phone?  Smile Senior Care would like to show you some of the food diaries that can make tracking your diet and exercise easier.

My Fitness Pal

Losing weight isn’t easy – we know. But with a membership to, you’ll get the tools you need to successfully take weight off – and keep it off. And best of all, everything on our site is 100% FREE. So put away your credit card – you’ll never have to pay a cent.

Study after study has confirmed the benefits of keeping track of the food you eat and the activity you do. It’s simple – the more consistently you track your food intake, the more likely you are to lose weight. That’s why every successful weight management program suggests that you keep a food diary and/or an activity log. But recording everything you eat without the right tools can be tedious at best, or simply impossible at worst.

At, we focus on making sure you can log your meals as quickly and easily as possible. Because the easier we make it for you, the more likely you are to stay on track, and the more likely you are to succeed in your weight loss goals.



FitDay also tracks your calories with an enormous food listing.  If you do not see what you need entered, you can enter it manually.  There are wonderful articles to browse on FitDay, as well as an option to sign up for a personal nutritionist, for a fee.  You can use your computer to access FitDay or download the app for your phone.



SparkPeople is a very interactive site with plenty of motivating articles to read, forums to join and participate in conversation and much more.  When you interact on the site, you earn points for trophies.  SparkPeople can also create a meal plan for you if you would prefer to have a menu to follow.  You can always switch to choosing your own meals whenever you like.    SparkPeople also has an app to download on your phone, in addition to being accessible on the computer.


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