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Be Festive and Careful When Decorating

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Smile Senior Care knows that decorating for the holidays is one of the best things of the season but please remember to use caution!  Lot’s of injuries are reported this time of year from people having accidents while decorating.  IT’s great to have the coolest light show on your block but we want you to be at home to enjoy the view, as well, and not in the hospital being treated for a fall.  As many as 250 injuries were reported daily during the peak holiday season.  Protect yourselves and your seniors.

Make it a Family Affair

Why not make plans with your seniors to help them get prepared for the holidays?  The whole family can come over and help to hang outside lights while grandchildren can help with indoor decorations and crafts.  It is best for seniors who may be prone to falls to let someone else hang the decorations that require ladders.  Complications from falls are greater in seniors and may lead to greater problems.  An added benefit is your senior can see the placement of the decorations and direct the one’s hanging the lights.

Christmas Fires

Candles are festive and a wonderful part of the holiday decor but please be sure to keep the flames clear of any flammable materials.  Never burn candles overnight or when you nap.  An alternative to using traditional candles is battery operated candles.  They give off the same soft glow but remain cool so there is no worry of fires.

Be sure to test all lights before you hang them on the house and tree.  Make sure that there are no exposed wires that could cause a house fire.  The only fire you want is the yule log on the hearth while you roast chestnuts with the family.

After the Decorating Party

After the family has helped decorate your senior’s home, you all can have a small holiday gathering with some of the recipes posted on Smile Senior Care.  Then, you can practice your Christmas Carols for caroling during the season.  We wish you a Merry and Safe Christmas from Smile Senior Care!

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