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Brain Teaser #13

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How did little Tommy solve the case?

After watching and discussing the 5 o’clock news including a story about a jewel heist that happened yesterday in the area, Tommy and his mother leave for the mall. It’s closing soon.

While in the mall, Tommy nags his mother to buy him a “soldier toy.” Mom buys him a toy set on the condition that Tommy stays put while in the shoe store, and she opens the set, giving Tommy ONE of the toys. Tommy wastes no time having some fun with his new toy.

Meanwhile, across the mall, a man and woman are enjoying each other’s conversation over pizza. They seem very happy and excited about something.

After only a moment of fun with his new toy, Tommy comes to know what their excitement is all about. He begins pulling frantically on his mom’s shirt to get her attention and he excitedly tells her what the couple just did, although it seems they were just talking. Tommy, however, is VERY excited. He was not known for telling tales, so his mom (a police officer), calls her department directly. After speaking with them, the man and woman are shortly apprehended with 2.9 million dollars in stolen jewels!
Tommy just cracked the heist case from the 5 o’clock news!

(1) Tommy has both a disability and ability. What are they?
(2) What was the ‘Soldier Toy’ Tommy’s mom let him play with?

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Tommy is not in a wheelchair.


(1) Tommy is deaf, but also has the ability to read lips with stunning accuracy.

(2) The “Soldier Toy” Tommy was playing with, which came in a set, was a pair of binoculars. With the binoculars, Tommy was reading the couple’s lips while they were discussing how they made off like bandits.

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