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Crafty Seniors: Make a Tea Cup Cozy

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Make a tea cup cozy to keep your tea piping hot.

Smile Senior Care enjoys a cup of nice hot tea on a cold winter night.  Why not make this cute tea cozy to keep that cup hot until you are ready for it?


● 16 x 20in. (40 x 50cm) piece of green polka dot fabric
● 16 x 24in. (40 x 60cm) each of light pink cotton and floral fabrics
● 16 x 32in. (40 x 80cm) piece of gingham fabric
● 14 x 24in. (35 x 60cm) piece of cotton batting (wadding)
● 4 x 5in. (10 x 12.5cm) white cotton fabric
● 4 x 10in. (10 x 25cm) of Bondaweb
● Coordinating pearl embroidery floss
● Coordinating beads and sequins
● Embroidery hoop
● 18in. (45cm) thin white braid
● 27in. (68cm) wide trimming
● Two 2 x 2in. (5 x 5cm) pieces of firm cardstock (cardboard)
● Small ball of yellow wool

1. Cut five 4 x 4in. (10 x 10cm) squares from the green polka dot, pink cotton, floral, and gingham fabrics. Machine stitch the squares together in rows, using a 1⁄4in. (5mm) seam. Stitch the rows together to make a piece of patchwork fabric five squares wide by four squares high.

2. Cut the batting (wadding) in half and lay both pieces on top of the wrong side of the remaining gingham fabric. Add the patchwork fabric on top, right side upward. Print out the cosy template (below) and enlarge by 400%. Pin the teapot cosy template onto all the layers and cut out the teapot cosy shape.

3. Pin the patchwork piece to one piece of the cotton batting (wadding), and machine stitch along the seams of the squares to give a subtle padded effect.

4. Create the teacup appliqué design in floral and pink fabric on the piece of white cotton: trace the outline of the appliqué pieces from the template onto separate areas of the paper backing of a piece of Bondaweb. Cut the Bondaweb tracing into separate pieces. Iron each Bondaweb piece onto the back of the fabric. Cut around the bonded shapes and peel back the paper backing. Build up the appliqué design by placing the pieces, Bondaweb side down, onto the base fabric. When you are happy with the design, iron all the pieces in place. Add embroidery, beading, sequins and buttons, using the photo as a guide.

5. Iron Bondaweb to the back of the teacup appliqué piece and apply it to the centre of the patchwork piece. Machine stitch thin white braid around the edge of the appliqué piece to finish off and hide any raw edges.

6. With right sides together place the gingham back piece on top of the patchwork front piece. Add the final layer of cotton batting (wadding) on top of the gingham fabric and pin in place. Machine stitch around the edge leaving the bottom edge open for turning.

7. Turn the cosy right side out and press. Machine stitch a length of wide trimming around the bottom edge of the teapot cosy to hide the raw edges.

8. Cut the pieces of cardstock (cardboard) into two circles and cut a smaller circle from the center of each. Place them together and wind the yellow wool around and through the central hole until it is full. Slide a sharp pair of scissors between the layers of cardstock (cardboard) and cut through the yarn all around the edge. Ease the cardstock circles apart and tie a length of yarn firmly around the centre to hold all the yarn lengths together. Slide the cardstock (cardboard) away and fluff up the pompom. Trim any odd long ends so it is even. Stitch onto the center top of the teapot cosy.

This project is taken from ‘Cute and Easy Quilting and Stitching’ by Charlotte Liddle

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