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Friday’s Fit Seniors: Keeping Your Heart Healthy

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Try these ideas to keep your heart healthy.

Eating right and exercising will help keep your heart healthy but is there anything else that you can do?  Smile Senior Care has found a list of things to do to keep your heart healthy and happy!


Who doesn’t love a good hug?  Turns out, those big cuddly hugs you get when your grandchildren visit do more than make you smile.  A ten second hug can release oxytocin, an important hormone that makes us feel happy.  Hugs also help to reduce stress chemicals like cortisol.  Make sure to invite the family over more, let them know that it’s for your heart health, too!  Two hugs a day can help to lower blood pressure.  Hugs really are a great medicine.

Remember to Floss

Keeping your gums healthy have a direct correlation to your heart health.  Reducing the plaque on your teeth and keeping your gums heathy has been shown to improve the buildup of plaque in the arteries, too.  Always remember to brush and floss after meals and before bed for an added boost of health for your heart.

Listen to Some Tunes

Listening to music has also shown to have a positive impact on your heart by improving blood flow.  A recent study showed that people who merely listened to music experienced improved heart function by 19%.  Those who chose to exercise experienced a 29% boost.  Those who chose to do both experienced a whopping 39%!  So get those feet tapping!

Snack on Chocolate and Pumpkin Seeds

Both of these yummy foods are high in magnesium, a key nutritional mineral that can protect against hardening of the arteries. A new study from Tufts University’s Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging showed that those whose diets were highest in magnesium had the lowest amount of calcification deposits on artery walls. Making sure you get enough magnesium in your diet could help protect against stroke and fatal coronary heart disease, researchers wrote. Other good sources of magnesium are nuts and spinach.


201 African American men and women who had been diagnosed with coronary heart disease participated in a recent study. Half were taught to meditate and half attended diet and exercise classes. After five years, researchers found a whopping 48 percent reduction in the overall risk of heart attack, stroke and death from any cause among members of the meditation group compared with those in the diet and exercise group.

Sip on Green Tea

A 2013 Japanese study of 83,000 men and women ages 45 to 74 — one of the largest to look at the effect of green tea on stroke risk among older adults — showed that those who drank two to four cups of antioxidant-rich green tea a day reduced their risk of stroke by about 20 percent and reduced the risk of the most dangerous type of stroke — hemorrhagic — by 32 percent. It’s believed that a compound group called catechins in tea have an anti-inflammatory effect on blood vessels.

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