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In Faith: Keep the Spirit of Giving Alive

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Keep the holiday spirit alive all year round.

The holidays are coming to an end, soon we will celebrate New Year’s and life will return to normal.  Smile Senior Care would like to keep the spirit of giving alive all year round.  Keep your fellow man in your thoughts and actions, even when there is not a holiday in sight.  Here are a few ideas to give to your fellow man.


There are different levels of volunteering.  You could go to your local church and help with the food pantry, distributing food to the less fortunate.  Churches often need help packaging up the food and getting it ready for distribution.  Find out where and when you can help.

Children love stories.  You will never have a shortage of little ears waiting to hear a great tale.  Volunteer to read to children at your local library.  Seeing their young faces filled with wonder as your words unfold into an elaborate world of imagination is a great reward.  Not only will you have an awesome time, you will make a few new young friends.

Turn your favorite crafts into charity.  If you love to knit or crochet but you have more hats on hand than you have heads to put them on, consider donating them to your local church to distribute to those in less fortunate situations.  You get to craft to your hearts desire and feel good in knowing that someone will truly appreciate your gift.

Volunteer at a convalescence home.  It is always nice when you can lend a hand to someone who really needs it.  If you are unable to help physically, that’s ok.  Spending time with people is free.  Volunteer your time to spend time and make new friends.  You can play games or even read to someone who is physically unable to read for themselves anymore.  One of the greatest gifts ever is the gift of yourself.

These are just a few ways to keep the spirit of the holidays going and carry it right around to Christmas 2014!  Peace on Earth and good will to all mankind, all year round.

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