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National Toy and Gift Safety Awareness Month

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Keep your grandkids safe this holiday season.

Smile Senior Care knows that you love seeing your grandchildren playing with all of the new toys they received for the holidays but let’s take a moment to observe this month’s awareness.  It is National Toy and Gift Safety Awareness Month. Approximately 217,000 children are treated at hospital emergency rooms for toy-related injuries. 1

Age Appropriate

One way to make sure your precious grandchildren stay safe this holiday season is to check the age recommendations for any toys that you buy them.  You will avoid getting toys with small parts that could pose a choking risk for younger children who like to put things in their mouths.  You can also double check the toys when you get home to make sure that there are no loose parts that can come off.

Following the age requirements also helps with riding toys.  Some children are not yet big enough for certain mobile toys and could injure themselves when trying to play with them, even with adult supervision.  It is best to stay within the age limits to reduce the risk of a scraped knee, or worse, a hospital visit.

Protective Gear

Certain gifts go together.  If you get your grandchild that great new bike they always wanted, make sure it comes with a helmet, first and foremost.  Instill in your grandchild that they should always remember to use the helmet to prevent head injuries.  Knee and elbow pads are a great gift as well, to guard against scraped skin and help cushion falls to avoid sprains.  Wrist guards are also available.

Many children aren’t so keen on using these things, however, the design of some of them are so cool that the children wouldn’t mind using them.  Make sure to take note of their favorite colors or designs to make using the protective gear less of a hassle.

We hope your holidays are as safe and sound as they are blissful and happy!  Have a wonderful December Holiday Month!

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