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Senior Jet Setters: Travelling to Colder Climates

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A guide to dressing in winter layers.

Smile Senior Care wishes everyone a happy holiday season.  It’s a time to be with family and sometimes that might involve traveling.  When you live in a lovely climate like Los Angeles, the harsh winters of the country’s Northeastern states might be a little tough to deal with.  We would like to offer some tips to stay warm and cozy this holiday season when visiting the colder climates.

Start with the Basics

Layering is very important in colder climates.  Don’t worry about having too many layers.  The beauty of this style of dressing is the fact that you can peel away the layers when you go inside and put them back on when it’s time to go back outside.

Start with a good pair of long johns.  This is your first level of defense against Old Man Winter.  Long johns are close to your skin and most have a honeycomb pattern that will trap pockets of warm air to keep you toasty.  You will also want a nice pair of warm and fluffy socks.  You may want to consider doubling up on socks.  Don’t underestimate how cold your feet can get in the colder climate.  You definitely want to protect your feet against hypothermia.

Second Level

You will want a nice pair of heavy pants, such as jeans or woolen pants.  These will help protect against strong winds that seem to blow right through you.  A nice turtleneck shirt would help to protect your trunk and offer some warmth for your neck as well.  Over your turtleneck, you can add a great holiday sweater or cardigan.  Again, if you are inside and it gets too warm by the fire, feel free to hang this garment up so you don’t get overheated.

Best Defenses Outside

It’s very important to make sure you are protected when leaving the house.  A good winter coat is mandatory.  Coats that cinch at the bottom can help to trap warm air.  If it’s raining or snowing, you may want a coat that offers some sort of water resistance.  Scarves can be very useful.  They keep you warm and they can offer some style as well.  Choose a great looking one to reflect your personality.

Hats and gloves are next.  Choose a hat that is going to cover your ears or make sure that you bring earmuffs.  Ears are very vulnerable to the cold air and need to be shielded.  You have choices with gloves.  You can choose fingerless gloves if you need to perform tasks that require a bit of tactile sensation.  You could go with mittens or fingered gloves, as well.  Hybrid mittens are also a great option.  A flap will pull over the fingerless mitten to shield your fingers when you need to warm up.

Boots!  Waterproof boots are a necessity in colder climates with snow and rain.  No matter how many layers of socks you have on, when they get wet, they will feel like they are freezing.  Choose boots that will offer protection against water and make sure that they have good traction, as well.

Enjoy visiting with your family and remember these tips to stay warm and toasty!


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